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Introduction to relaxation
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Each method has his particular properties, however someone transform in the method, that is which occurs with the progressive relaxation of Jacobson and for other with the autogenous job training of Schultz, both agrees in the cosmos of the relaxation the places more acquaintances and visited.
Jacobson went a genius, not single elaborated an original and effective method but that demonstrated the deep imbrication between body and mention trying that the state of the muscle had influence even on the intensity of the reflected answer, demonstrated that the thought and the emotional state affected to the level of muscular answer trying a direct report muscle-thought-emotions.
The progressive relaxation is a method of physiologic character, it is found one's bearings towards the rest, being specially useful in the upsets of the sleep for the facility with which induces a muscular rest intensifies through which it succeeds in a spontaneous way the immersion in the sleep.
The job training in progressive relaxation favors a deep relaxation without scarcely gain courage permitting set a voluntary control of the distension tension that moves close beyond the attainment of the relaxation in a given moment.
There is an is balanced and it heal in us, the tension hides it, the discovering relaxation as technique each other shows it. If the tension is the ordinary state the distension is an extraordinary state in which the conscience it ascends above the tension.
With the Jacobson method we recover the control of the voluntary muscles, control that never must yield to the irresponsible. Jacobson puts the accent in the sensation, must not single draw or relax, but give all the attention to the sensations that it is produced. Not coarse feeling, is necessary to discriminate with clarity the diverse possible states of tension and relaxation, still more: asking lets go to him more and more when it believe that it book credit reached to the maximum, a little more.....and it be capable of distinguish that somewhat occurs. Is precise because in the first place it be capable of recognize the muscular tension, sews nothing easily in places that scarcely it seat, and in second place be capable of slacken until goes removing all residual tension, useless.
It is a method that favors a corporal more energy state because favors intense the rest; permit recognizes the intimate union between muscular tension and mental state draw, showing with clarity as free one implies contradiction make it with the other. The whole body perceives an improvement, a sensation specially brushes after the job training in progressive relaxation and with practicing him/her/it the sensation intensifies to him. Progressive means that it is gone reaching states of domain and relaxation in a gradual way although run-in, little by little, but increasingly intense, more effective. Is not a short method, nor his effects it are neither.
Jacobson teaches each other to relax the voluntary musculature as halfback to reach a deep state of inside calm, that it is produces when the unnecessary tension gives up each other. Freeing each other of the physical tension is the previous and indispensable step to experience the sensation of voluntary calm. The zones in which accumulate tension are multiple, learns to relax the different muscular groups that compose our muscular map of tension assumes a space traveled all told our body, although in occasions it has not information of the tension that it accumulates in do you see it zones doesn't stop to be an interesting and surprising financial year to the same time.
The neck is one of thoses places for those who the muscular tension appears have a special predilection, it overloads with a lot of facility, being part of that triangle that includes to the trapezoids also, learns to distend the muscles of the neck assume in if same an experience specially gratificante.
The musculature that moves the eyes are specially difficult of relaxing, it reaches to get assumes it also the proposal of the financial years of Jacobson, the practice of this financial year is a challenge that surrenders each other an in form recompense of a calm and settle deepen difficult of describing, for many peoples it results surprising verify that really the eyes can settle quietly in his orbits.
Undoubtedly with the back find each other in front of big muscular groups capable of accumulate tension, a hipertono in these groups fond of all our corporal structure, generating to the same time a high degree of energy consumption; it learns to relax the musculature of the trunk is without doubt an experience that is worth the punishment experiment.
Jacobson proposed a very effective system although very difficult of using in practice in and of itself many of his followers produced very interesting variations of those who it will speak farther on, in essence it can summarize that your method based on:
1.- Concentration of the attention in a muscular group.
2.- Tension of that muscular group, without ache, and keep the tension between 20 and 30 seconds.
3.- Relaxation of the musculature, paying attention to the sensation that it is produces. In and of itself it has a very high component of propiocepción and therefore of elevation of the control of the zone that treat.
Muscular groups in those who it can be use the Jacobson method, because practically all, although there is a set forth order:
1.- Right hand or left, then it will continue the other, and so with all the others financial years.
2.- Forearm and right-hand, deltoid.
3.- Back donates dorsal, lumbar zone.
4.- Neck.
5.- Face. Eyes.
6.- Previous zone of the trunk and abdomen.
7.- Upright.
8.- Right calf.
9.- Right thigh.
It is precise to propose the phase is enjoied of muscular relaxation, it gives a special attention to like the relaxation produces to him, and like near her/it it appears a diminution of the psychic tension.
One time ended the financial years can each other remain a few moments enjoying the sensation of relax that accompanies your practice, can carry out some calm respirations while it take conscience of our state of calm, making conscious the moment of inside tranquillity, then it open and it close the hands with certain intensity, it carry out a couple of more intense respirations and it open one's eyes. Considering ended the financial year of relaxation.
The just as financial years succeed with in autogenous job training of Schultz it recommends carry out to him the seated, although both can be carried out to the ceilings beginning having a few very similar effects and resulting in many occasions a posture better for beginners.
Print / 10579 readings / 3 2006
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